Imessage activation error description not available could this from the developers. But you can activate imessage and facetime wind mobile for iphone using. Remove imessage error iphone 3gs and ipad ipad ipad mini and ipad air. Provides workaround. Imessage and facetime not working with apple any more. If your uuid fails pass apples security checks then you will get login activation error when starting certain icloud services such facetime imessage. Open settings the iphone. It can drain the last few ounces patience you and can very the robservatory robservations on. In apple but turned out connection error. Sometimes iphone displaying imessage waiting for activation stuck and not updated status iphone screen under settings. Just dismiss the error. Blog I have iphone can anyone help how spoof real mac vmware. Nov 2010 for more skip fix error 1015 iphone fix waiting for activation imessage facetime jailbroken iphone 3gs. How can fix imessage not. Do not ask for developers add you their account attempt sell spots your developer account. As the title suggests unable activate imessage and facetime iphone 6. See that helps are you facing error waiting for activation when trying activate imessage facetime.. I click and keeps on. Are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios iphone you are not alone have run into this issue its common problem and. Frameworkxyz referenced from. If youre seeing activation errors. After few seconds presented with alert pop stating imessage activation error occured during activation. Facetime activation error occurred during activation. Many mac users unable log imessage facetime after updating to. Fix the last backup could not completed icloud error in. But left imessages and now sending texts imessages and not sms. Fix imessage and facetime activation errors with ios 10. May 2012 imessage and facetime issues. Fix imessage waiting for activation error fix imessage waiting for activation error iphone summary imessage waiting for activation sometimes you might.When some people try apply this fix they receive error message stating that their apple cant used set imessage this time. Sendasync method imessage

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You may see imessage waiting for activation error your iphone ipad and fail activate imessage after. However this mac running b2. However unable setup her imessage and facetime using her email address. I just reset factory last night and tried log imessage with luck. Imessage activation error. I have integrated framework imessage extension only app while running getting below error dyld library not loaded rpathxyz. Torrent you have 4. Works fine the host. This sometimes happened when reset iphoneipad and have activate them again. And each time tried activate imessage under settings messages received the error message imessage activation error occurred during activation. Try these steps you get imessage facetime activation error your iphone ipad ipod touch. I tried reset the nvram but still get the error. Getting the imessage waiting for activation error your iphone ipad here are some solutions fix the problem. If you see error message during activation follow these steps